Advantage Angio Diagnostic Catheter


Fixed Curve Diagnostic Catheter

Soft Tip 

Special Safety Wire

Stainless Steel wire

Various Curve


Large inner diameter for high flow rate of contrast media.

Flexible material have excellent support and shape memory.

Braided catheter construction allows for good torqueability and excellent kink resistant capacity.

Soft tip will protect vessel from damage.

Length (cm) 5 FR REF. NO. 6 FR REF. NO. Configuration
100 05JL35100 06JL35100 JL3.5
100 05JL40100 06JL40100 JL4.0
100 05JL45100 06JL45100 JL4.5
100 05JL50100 06JL50100 JL5.0
100 05JL35500 06JL35500 JL5.5
100 05JR35100 06JR35100 JR3.5
100 05JR40100 06JR40100 JR4.0
100 05JR45100 06JR45100 JR4.5
100 05JR50100 06JR50100 JR5.0
100 05JR55100 06JR55100 JR5.5
110 05180S110 06180S110 180º Straight
110 05145A110 06145A110 145º Angled
100 05TIG100 06TIG100 TIG (Also Available in 4F)